Bitwise Solutions offers a comprehensive range of BI training courses

Training is an instructor-led engagement using pre-developed curriculum to transfer knowledge and skills in a classroom environment. It is offered on a classroom basis, and is targeted at organizations that want to train groups of their employees.

Note: At this stage, courses are not offered on an individual basis—only on a classroom basis.

We continuing to offer training during this globally disruptive time. The format of our courses has been adjusted to ensure student safety while still delivering an effective learning experience. For more information, see our COVID-19 Announcement.

Bitwise Solutions can deliver training at the organization’s premises, in a training facility, or remotely online. Engagements are between one and five days and can involve the delivery of theory, best practice design methodologies, demonstrations, activities and hands-on labs.

Bitwise Solutions has a comprehensive library of current technology training courses and can customize content to meet your requirements.

Business User Courses

Cartoon depiction of a data consumer driving their decision making with data visuals

Business user courses are designed to empower non-IT professionals to consume BI content, or develop and publish self-service BI solutions.

IT Professional Courses

Cartoon depiction of a software developer debugging code

IT professional courses are designed for experienced administrators and developers who design, develop, maintain or manage corporate BI solutions.

Power BI Course Comparison

Use the matrix below to compare the Power BI courses, and the modules delivered in each course.

Download course matrix brochure

Power BI for the Data Consumer Power BI for the Business User Power BI for the Business Analyst Power BI for the Enterprise Modeler Power BI for the Developer

 For signing in to Power BI, accessing shared content and apps, and interacting with existing reports and dashboards

 For working with the Power BI service to develop datasets, reports and dashboards, and to share content

For import data modeling with Power BI Desktop, developing Power Query queries, and defining DAX calculated columns, tables and measures

For data modeling theory, DirectQuery and Composite model development, row-level security (RLS), and advanced DAX

For embedding Power BI content into apps, developing custom visuals and connectors, and delivering real-time dashboards

2 hours
1 day
2 days
1 day
1 day
Prerequisites Business User course Business Analyst course
Web Page
Introducing Power BI
Introducing the Power BI Service
Accessing Power BI Content
Interacting with Reports
Interacting with Dashboards
Working with the Power BI Service
Creating Datasets
Developing Reports
Developing Dashboards
Sharing Power BI Content
Introducing Power BI Desktop
Developing Model Tables
Configuring Model Relationships
Enhancing Model Designs
Introducing DAX
Manipulating DAX Context
DAX Iterator Functions
DAX Time Intelligence
DAX Case Studies
Introducing Power BI Premium
Data Modeling Theory
Developing DirectQuery Models
Developing Composite Models
Enforcing Row-level Security
Advanced DAX
Embedding Power BI Content
Extending Power BI
Delivering Real-time Dashboards