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Power BI for the Data Consumer

This two-hour course empowers data consumers to sign in to Power BI, access pre-published content, and productively view, explore and manage reports and dashboards.

Note: The topics and activities in this course can be customized to work directly with Power BI content owned by your organization.

Attendees learn to:

  • Work productively with the Power BI service, including mobile delivery
  • Access shared content, and apps
  • View, explore and manage reports
  • View, explore and manage dashboards
  • Ask questions and discover quick insights from dashboards


2 hours


This course is based on the current offering of Microsoft Power BI, with a focus on data consumer experiences with the Power BI service. This course does not cover Power BI content creation or sharing.


Attendees must have:

  • Basic experience working with web browsers and apps
  • An understanding of key concepts relevant to business analytics

Attendees are required to have their own computer that must meet minimum requirements:

All attendees will be provided with a trial Power BI account to complete the labs.

Delivery Format

A classroom delivery includes:

  • Instructor presentation and demonstrations
  • Activities

Course Outline

  • A New Generation of BI
  • Introducing Power BI
  • Power BI Roles
  • Power BI Licensing
  • Power BI Portal
  • Power BI Content Types
  • Accessing Power BI Content
  • Mobile Delivery
  • Viewing Reports
  • Exploring Reports
  • Managing Reports
  • Viewing Dashboards
  • Exploring Dashboards
  • Asking Questions with Q&A
  • Discovering Quick Insights
  • Managing Dashboards


This course has not been designed to prepare attendees for Microsoft certification.

Cartoon depiction of a data consumer driving their decision making with data visuals

Hands on added much needed context to the course theory.


Liked the combination of presentation, demonstration and activities. It was a well balanced class.


Good foundations and starting point to further explore.


It was very engaging. ?