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Power BI for the Developer

This one-day course empowers developers to embed and extend Power BI, and to deliver real-time Power BI dashboards.

Attendees learn to:

  • Embed Power BI analytics, consisting of reports, report visuals, dashboards, dashboards tiles, and the Q&A experience
  • Develop client-side functionality with the JavaScript API
  • Enforce row-level security to deliver the right data to application users
  • Work with custom visuals and custom connectors
  • Deliver real-time Power BI dashboards, with streaming datasets, the Power BI REST API, and Azure Stream Analytics


1 day


This course is based on the current offering of Microsoft Power BI, with a focus on developer experiences with the Power BI service to embed and extend Power BI. This course does not cover Power BI content creation or sharing.


Attendees must have:

  • Coding experience, preferably with Visual C#
  • An understanding of ASP.NET, HTML and JavaScript

Attendees are required to have their own computer that must meet minimum requirements:

  • A Windows 7 computer, or later, network-enabled for Internet access
  • Power BI Desktop, latest version—either 32- or 64-bit
  • Visual Studio installed (2015, 2017, 2019 or Community), with web tools (ASP.NET and web development)
  • Google Chrome

All attendees will be provided with a trial Power BI account to complete the labs.

Delivery Format

A classroom delivery includes:

  • Instructor presentation and demonstrations
  • Course book
  • Labs

Course Outline

  • Introducing Power BI
  • Power BI Roles
  • Power BI Licensing
  • Review: Key Concepts

Lab 01A – Getting Started

  • Introducing Embedded Analytics
  • Development Methodology
  • Power BI JavaScript API
  • Enforcing Row-level Security
  • Licensing
  • Management

Lab 02A – Fast Track Power BI Embedding
Lab 02B – Embedding Power BI Content
Lab 02C – Exploring the Power BI JavaScript
Lab 02D – Enforcing Row-Level Security

  • Custom Visuals
  • Custom Connectors

Lab 03A – Working with Power BI Custom Visuals

  • Power BI Real-Time Dashboards
  • Streaming Datasets
  • Pushing Data with Power BI REST API
  • Azure Stream Analytics

Lab 04A – Developing a Power BI Real-Time Dashboard


This course has not been designed to prepare attendees for Microsoft certification.

Cartoon depiction of a software developer debugging code

Lots of good examples balanced nicely with the theory. Good course.


I’m a developer that found the APIs straightforward to understand and use. Having done this course, I really need to learn more about the Power BI service and how to generate reports.